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Hi Marie,

We had our first clean by Louise Thursday morning and just wanted to say we were really happy with what she did! There was a lot to do and she did more than we
expected in the time allocated.

Kind regards,

Lucy Richardson 13-08-2014


Dear Marie,

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent service over the past 12  months. I've been more than happy with Michelle's level of work and with yourself - you have always been very helpful and swift in your replies.

Best wishes for the future,

Lucy Smith


Hi Marie

Sorry I have only  just got back to you re  Barbara and Broughton Close and St Annes- my apologies, Everything is fine at Broughton Close and as far as I know my tenants at St Annes are happy.  She is a lovely lady and really does get on with things and long may it continue. 

Best regards

Catherine (Hurst) 06-03-2012 


The service you have provided has been very good, should we decide to get a cleaner in the future you will be our first port of call. 

Many thanks 

Simon and Jane 18-01-2012


Hi Marie

Nicole is a gem and all is going well thanks.


Karen 14-11-2011


Hi Marie

Just to let you know that we're extremely happy with Pat and Dawn. They attend regularly, clean the house very well and let us know of any changes to their schedule like illnesses etc. We like having the two of them as it means the clean is over and done with in 1 1/2 hours rather than 3 and on the rare occasion that one of them has been ill we have still had the other one attending and doing the full 3 hours. This has meant far less cover cleaners required and therefore less disruption to our routine. Pat and Dawn now have a really good working relationship with us and it also suits us to have the house cleaned on a Friday just before the weekend too.

Clare (Littlemore) 10-10-2011


Hi Marie,

We are really pleased with the job Tracy has done. It all looks really good.

Many Thanks,

Steve. 16-06-2011


Hi Marie 

Nicky did an excellent job for me today! 

Mary 01-06-2011


Hi Marie,

Tracy has just left, really nice girl and she's done a very good job.


Mary 27-05-2011


Hi Marie,

Everything was really good thanks. I'm confident this will
work out with Pat.


Steve 15-04-2011

Kelly has done afab job im squeaky clean +smelling sweet we have spoken +told her we r very happy thank u 4introducing her 2us 

Sue 15-04-2011


Hi Marie,

Its Sue Harrison thanks for sending Kelly round she seems lovely + thank you for sorting us out so promptly 


Sue 13-04-2011



Hi Marie,

Julie came today for her first clean and I have to say she did a fantastic job, I am really impressed. Sorry she'll be leaving in March!


Edna 12-01-2011



Good Morning,

Thank you for your services over recent months I would not hesitate to recommend you or Alison to anyone else (she's really excellent with an iron!)

If you need anything else, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Best Regards,

Josie Gilchrist 11-01-2011


I would definitely use you again and recommend you highly.

Thank you and regards


WA4 27-07-2010


Hi Marie

At last you have sent me a cleaner worth ever penny!!

Would like to let you know how impressed I am with James. He cleaned my house yesterday and the work he did was absolutely outstanding, he worked so hard and was extremely thorough please do not change him.


Jan 03-07-2010


Hi Marie

Lesley arrived today .  What a lovely, bubbly girl a real breath of fresh air- and her Dolly Char ministrations were tops. Look forward to seeing her next Wed before Carol arrives on Friday 28th.

Cannot believe she has a daughter of 19 ,she does not look much older herself . No wonder they are mistaken for sisters on occasions. Her manners were impeccable ,unlike a previous a previous lady, she was profuse in her thanks for a glass of orange [ordinary tea and coffee are a no no] and a short bread!

In particular thanks for all your efforts to produce Lesley -   Geoff is awarding you a 'gold star' this week as the prospect of him having to do some hoovering was looming large!!


Geoff  & Deb

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