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  • Small stains off carpets wet a nylon tight and rub the stain.


  • Bath stains, make a paste of cream of tartar and lemon juice and spread it on the stain leaving it to dry then rinse off.


  • Clean a kettle with a lemon cut up in chunks and boiled in the kettle.


  • Hard paint brushes can be soaked in boiling vinegar.


  • Chewing gum remove by hardening it first by using ice and then removing with the use of a blunt knife.


  • Stickers on wood can be removed by coating in white vinegar and then scraping off after it as soaked in.


  • Oven shelves, trays, gas hob rings etc place them in a bath of hot water with a couple of cups of washing powder, leave to soak for an hour or so, then wash in the normal way with washing up liquid and hot water.


  • Chrome just put a few drops of baby oil in a small amount of water and then wipe over chrome.  Buff up with a dry soft cloth.


  • Windows can be cleaned by using a rolled up newspaper.


  • Clean windows on a dull day as sun light is prone to dry the glass too quickly leaving smears.


  • Oven spills can be cleaned by sprinkling salt immediately onto them, then once the oven has cooled the burnt on food can be cleaned off with a damp sponge.


  • Tomato based food stains on plastic containers can be greatly reduced by rubbing the inside of them down with vegetable oil before filling them up.


  • To remove dents in carpets made by heavy furniture.  Place an ice cube on the marks.  Hoover when dry.


  • Lemon juice mixed with brasso helps to brighten brass and keep it clean for longer.


  • Stained saucepans can often be cleaned by cooking rhubarb or apple peelings in it.


  • Door seals on washing machines and dishwashers it is advisable to clean them regular to make sure that they stay watertight.


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