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If you are searching for a domestic cleaning maid to clean your home on a regular weekly or fortnightly basis then please click on the logo within the region of the East Midlands that you live in using the map provided to your right to discover information about your local Dolly Char cleaning agency that operates in your locality. 

Alternatively you can also click below on your local domestic cleaning representatives photograph which will also take you directly to your local domestic cleaning service.  Also you can phone your local domestic cleaning agency by using one of their contact numbers provided for you below.  

If you are searching for domestic cleaning work and would be interested in doing some domestic cleaning or ironing work on a part time basis then please also contact your local domestic cleaning agency as they will be very pleased to hear from you.  If you click on your local domestic cleaning agents photograph you will find further information out about your local Dolly Char domestic cleaning service. 


Click on the representatives photograph below for local cleaning information





Tel -  0800 028 1657

Mob- 07587 631 522

       Rate from 9.95 per hour


Grimsby & Scunthorpe

Steven Curtis & Laura Curtis

Tel -  0800 587 6680

Fax - 0150 752 4530

Mob- 07949 679 246

  Rate from 9.95 per hour




Tel   - 0800 161 5703

Mob - 07799 941 532

       Rate 10.95 per hour


Lincoln & Horncastle

Steven Curtis & Laura Curtis

Tel   - 0800 587 6680

Fax  -  0150 752 4530

Mob - 07949 679 246

       Rate 9.95 per hour



Steven Curtis

Tel   - 0800 587 6680

Mob - 07949 679 246

       Rate 9.95 per hour




( Tel   - 0800 014 2797

( Mob - 0747 400 1077 

   Rate from 10.50



Jean Bullard

Tel   -  0800 456 1365

Mob -  07436 563 845 

       Rate 9.95 per hour



If where you live is not covered at present by a Dolly Char Domestic Cleaning Service and you would like further information on setting up and running your own Domestic Cleaning Agency then please click on the banner below.

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