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Robin Harrison who is the MD of Dolly Char (UK) Ltd

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Robin Harrison who is the MD of Dolly Char (UK) Ltd is one of a dying breed of franchisors who can still be found actively work on their own business. Robin Harrison

Robin believes that continuing to manage his own territory/business enables him to keep ahead of his competitors by allowing him to focus on trialing and testing new marketing techniques, business ideas.  Those ideas that prove to be successful he then shares throughout his franchise network.

Robin goes on to say that being hands on  he can “spot any problems a mile off and offer the remedy at a much earlier stage a really great benefit to my franchisees”.

A small sample of what his franchisees have said about him:

“The support and training I have received from Dolly Char has been second to none and nothing seems to be too much trouble.”

“That must have taken you lots of time to do last night. I am truly grateful for your continuous, unequivocal and relentless support.”

“Just like to say a big thank you for coming over and pointing me in the right direction with the computer.”

Robin also spends frequent days working with his franchisees in their territories offering them his personal help and providing them with his unequivocal and ongoing relentless support.

The Dolly Char owner says that he works tirelessly day and night for the benefit of his franchisees and will not accept second best.

He says that he is often up into the early hours working on updates for his franchisees’ websites and “tinkering with the SEO as well as advertising their businesses to bring more work their way”. He says nothing is ever  too much trouble for him.

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Commitment and Attitude required to manage your own Business

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Commitment and Attitude required to manage your own Business

The enourmous thrill involved in owning your own business can, for a short space of time, put a gloss over the mental and physical pressures that you will eventually encounter.

You will almost certainly require a change of attitude to cope with the many new situations that will arise. You must quickly become self disciplined and motivated to a very high level to help you deal with these new situations. This will involve planning and forecasting your activities weeks in advance with a list of tasks to be done, organising and managing your time to the best advantage. Remember, this will include delegating tasks (where appropriate) and ensuring that good administrative procedures are in place etc.

If you plan your day and fill it with purposeful activity, you will find the motivation to work hard and enjoy developing your business. More importantly, financial rewards will follow.

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