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Advantages of a Domestic Cleaning Agency Vs Company Vs Private Cleaner

Friday, February 27th, 2015

Many people get confused with the difference between a domestic cleaning company and a domestic cleaning agency.

An Agency will provide a local friendly cleaner which best suits your needs from a database of cleaners that have been ‘vetted’ by the agency. You also get the option to interview your potential domestic cleaner to make sure they are right for you.

An Agency would allocate a regular cleaner who would give you a regular slot in their diary at a mutually convenient time and tend to fit around you rather than the other way around.

We let you provide the materials so that you have the fragrances YOU prefer in your home, although your regular housekeeper can recommend products if you wish. Also we use your equipment so that you don’t have your kitchen floor scrubbed with the same mop after it has been used for somebody else’s loo! The same rule applies to vaccuum cleaners too - some houses have lots of pets, others have little children learning to crawl so we do not like transferring unwanted germs/mites and any other gruesome debris!

Please remember that even domestic cleaners are human and need time off for holidays and are even known to be sick now and then. An Agency usually has a mass of cleaners to fall back on should a replacement be required and will endeavor introduce a replacement asap.

Some people run the risk of employing local private cleaners who will charge around the same amount (if not more) than an Agency, but be careful, you won’t know who you are allowing in your home and they will almost never be insured. If they require time off then you end up cleaning your house!

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having a bad day

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Have you ever noticed how one job/chore always leads to another? or am I just really clumbersome.

I attempted to clean my kitchen earlier: Started with the washing-up, just a few breakfast pots and a banana skin. Pots nearly done, go to cupboard with waste bin, struggle with child lock see bin is full. Empty bin, bag splits, re-bag waste (last bag - remember to write on shopping list). wipe mess from split bag off floor. Finish pots drop glass, smashes. brush up take outside to bin. Vaccuum any last glass shards… Damn vac needs emptying now. Empty vac puffing dust all over. NO HOOVER BAGS!!! use Henry without a bag to hoover dust up.

Woof woof! Dog wants to go out, let out.

back in house wipe sides in kitchen and set out ornaments nicely, Clean cooker hobs knock over ornaments that had been arranged nicely a moment ago, put right again. Fill up mop bucket, phone rings, answer phone, come back, bucket overflowing. Tip out water, mop floor…. Done!

Grab a coffee, milks leaked in fridge. clean up make coffee.

Woof woof!! let dog in.

OMG why cant the dog wipe it’s paws…… Why bother!

Moral to the story is… Don’t Bother - leave it to somebody else!

(never did write bags on shopping list!!!)

Leaflet Law

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

I was Leafleting in Waddington and Central Lincoln yesterday and whilst walking downhill on Station Road, Waddington, I thought to myself that it should be ‘law’ to have a letterbox over a certain distance from the public footpath. Some of the drives belonging to the houses were a good 50 yards long. If a Letterbox is more than; eg. 10yrds distance away from the footpath, it ought be law to have a box near the gate-post.

Agree or disagree?

Sexy Kissograms in Lincoln

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

Sexy Kissograms in Lincoln

This coming week I am going to be spending a few hours performing a few alterations to my various websites especially with in the area of the main body text on several of the pages and also the keywords tags on those same pages.

At present I have in excess of 300 different keywords and search phrases that I have covered for search engine optimism purposes.

I would be interested to hear what search term you would use if you were searching for a domestic cleaner local to you.

Obviously we are all individuals with different and varied ideas and your feedback would be greatly appreciated as I feel that at times I am trapped in my own little world and as such I may well be missing a few very good search terms that I have not previously thought of.

I have deliberately steered clear of giving you any domestic cleaning search engine examples as I do not want to influence your personal thoughts, this is why my main example is of a totally different and irrelevant service to the type of business that I operate!

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