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The Forth Bridge or Forth Railway Bridge Business marketing

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

 The Forth Bridge or Forth Railway Bridge Business marketing and associated ideas?  Talking in riddles are we? well not really rather talkingforthrailbridge more about a few thoughts I had whilst visiting the Edinburgh, Lothian and Firth of Forth region over the past few days.


We were looking out from South Queensferry over the Firth of Forth admiring the wonderful structure and design that is the Forth Rail Bridge and it made me think how the ups and downs of this bridge that was once described as the eighth wonder of the world reminded me of the trials and tribulations of business marketing, infact for a few seconds I thought I was looking at a graph showing me the peaks and troughs of business marketing!


Like the Forth Railway bridge business marketing does have its peaks and troughs or highs and lows.  Through my own personal experience to give you just one small example of where I am coming from over the years I have delivered thousands and thousands of leaflets and on occasions I have delivered a few thousand without getting much feedback what so ever (troughs) and then just as I am starting to despair and feel like forthrailbridge1throwing in the towel suddenly after a  few hundred more leaflets delivered I get a few phone calls and from those maybe four or five new clients arrive (peaks).


Anyway enough about business marketing and back to just admiring the eighth wonder of the world that is the forth Rail bridge or Forth Bridge as is its correct title, enjoy my photos and feel free to leave a comment.


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