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having a bad day

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Have you ever noticed how one job/chore always leads to another? or am I just really clumbersome.

I attempted to clean my kitchen earlier: Started with the washing-up, just a few breakfast pots and a banana skin. Pots nearly done, go to cupboard with waste bin, struggle with child lock see bin is full. Empty bin, bag splits, re-bag waste (last bag - remember to write on shopping list). wipe mess from split bag off floor. Finish pots drop glass, smashes. brush up take outside to bin. Vaccuum any last glass shards… Damn vac needs emptying now. Empty vac puffing dust all over. NO HOOVER BAGS!!! use Henry without a bag to hoover dust up.

Woof woof! Dog wants to go out, let out.

back in house wipe sides in kitchen and set out ornaments nicely, Clean cooker hobs knock over ornaments that had been arranged nicely a moment ago, put right again. Fill up mop bucket, phone rings, answer phone, come back, bucket overflowing. Tip out water, mop floor…. Done!

Grab a coffee, milks leaked in fridge. clean up make coffee.

Woof woof!! let dog in.

OMG why cant the dog wipe it’s paws…… Why bother!

Moral to the story is… Don’t Bother - leave it to somebody else!

(never did write bags on shopping list!!!)

Clean living in Spain

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Clean living in Spain

A couple of years ago Alan and myself were fortunate to live in Spain in a small village just outside Granada. The first night in our new home was absolutely freezing, however on waking up at 8.30ish next morning (we had been driving for 36hours) we were met with a great sight. The female neighbours were out flicking dust from the grills on the windows and sweeping both their own entrances and ‘their’ part of the road. Every other day they hose piped their part of the road down thus keeping the whole street exceptionally clean.

After a few days i got into the habit of being outside at 7.30 in the morning to do my spot of road sweeping and gained a great deal of pride out of it, what with that and the dustbin men emptying bins every night seven days a week the village was kept very clean and I can’t help but wonder how our villages would look if we adopted this same practice

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