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Leaflet Delivery as a form of marketing

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Trudging around delivering leaflets can be a joy, and likewise, can be a nightmare!  It’s great on a sunny day, in a nice area, and you can have a great few hours.  Especially if there’s a few of you, you can have a great time.  However on a day like today where the weather is at best ‘changeable’ and at worst ‘filthy’ there is little fun involved.

However, we wanted to gauge how effective our response from the leaflets was, so I devised a quick and easy way of measuring the response using an Excel spreadsheet.  From this we can see that our efforts in the last two weeks have provided us with an income per leaflet of 44p!

Now that might not sound an awful lot, but if someone said to you, here’s a hundred leaflets.  Deliver them and I’ll give you £1.85 per month, every month, you’d probably think it was a good deal.  Carry that forward to figures like 5000 leaflets, which can easily be achieved in a month, and it’s giving you an income of around £100 per month, every month.

Again, it’s not an exact science, and the figures will bob up and down, but it’s nice to know on a cold, rainy April Monday afternoon, that each leaflet is bringing in the bacon.

This post was kindly submitted by Richard & Megan from Dolly Char domestic cleaning Wakefield

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Domestic cleaning service Bradford

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

We once had a client who we had provided a domestic cleaning service for around about six months with absolutely no problems, until one day our domestic cleaners came back saying they couldn’t gain entry to the property. A man that our domestic cleaners had never seen before had slammed the door in their faces saying he had never had or wanted a cleaner.

Upon further investigation it appeared that the lady of the house had signed our domestic cleaning agency agreement and not informed her husband. She had led him to believe that she was keeping the house spotless herself. She was paying us the domestic cleaning agency from her own bank account and supposedly he never saw her statements.

If there’s anything I have learned from this experience it is that if at all possible when I go out on a client visit I try to make sure that couples are always together!

This post as kindly been provided by Susan Marshall Dolly Char Bradford

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Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

I have had two companies recently contact me regarding my main company website stating that they had run online searches looking for the site and had found that the site was not to be found anywhere in google searches. When I have queried this and asked which keywords or search terms they had used, both companies had just tried using the term cleaners, this brought a little smile to my face as I am aware that I do not rate very highly for that one specific search term.

I went on to tell both companies that the term cleaners is too much of a vague term as anyone searching for cleaners could be looking for carpet cleaners, domestic cleaners, industrial cleaners, patio cleaners, window cleaners infact there are countless different cleaning possibilities.

What other types of cleaners can you think of that people using the basic search term cleaners could be searching for.

My examples again are:- carpet cleaners, domestic cleaners, industrial cleaners, patio cleaners, window cleaners.

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Franchise systems

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

As a franchisee, you are the figure representing the franchise company and their franchise systems. 

In our own case franchisees represent our company Dolly Char to both domestic cleaners and clients. It is therefore important that our franchisees keep to our franchise systems and maintain a positive image at all times. If a franchisee as a poor personal image, then it is unlikely that any domestic cleaners that they take on will pay much if any attention to their own!

Dolly Char franchisees deal with both clients and domestic cleaners, and we request that they should always be:

  • Smiling
  • Smartly dressed in Dolly Char corporate wear
  • Project a good body language
  • Keep constant eye contact with the people they talk to
  • Be well mannered and polite at all times

As part of our Dolly Char induction training, franchisees learn more about how to talk to and engage with potential clients and cleaners. It is extremely important that they work on their delivery and conversational tone, because people warm to good talkers. Learning such skills are a matter of time and experience, as some people find it easy and other find it harder. Franchisees also pick up some of the information without having to ask any questions (asking the obvious can look unprofessional). Here are some simple points that we ask our franchisees to bear in mind:

  • Be prepared
  • Be relaxed
  • Don’t whisper or shout
  • Don’t rush
  • And enjoy yourself!

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Domestic cleaners were usually referred to as char ladies

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

There are many different names that domestic cleaners are known by today.

The oldest term that I am aware of is a char lady. The term char was used commonly back in Victorian times when domestic cleaners were usually referred to as char ladies. Does anyone know of any older term to describe a cleaner by? Or even where and when the term char originated?

Below are a few names that I know of that are commonly used to describe a domestic cleaner by, please feel free to mention any that I may of missed off my list.




Cleaning Lady



Domestic Cleaner

Dust and Clutter Control Operative

House keeper

House Maid


Odd job-Lady

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Taglines slogans headlines help required

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

Taglines slogans headlines help required

I am currently trying to dream up new slogans, headlines or taglines for my companies advertising literature (A5 leaflets A6 cards) in the hope of catching more potential clients eyes.

If anyone can come up with any unique ideas or suggestions for possible headlines, slogans or taglines I would be very grateful, although I can’t guarantee that  I would use them of course.

A few of my past efforts that I have used with success are:-

Finding housework a chore? …. Then help is on hand!

Would you like more freedom in your life-at an affordable price?

Need a break from cleaning … then look no further!

I have also come up with many other variations that I haven’t used such as:-

Do you wish for domestic bliss?

Let us fight your grime

Need a clean break!

I like the last one above but I have never used it as I am afraid that it could give the impression that our cleaners could be very destructive!

Obviously with slogans, taglines or headlines they need to be eye catching and where possible unique.

For the record if my few examples haven’t enlightened you already I run a domestic cleaning agency providing domestic cleaners to domestic households.

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Dolly Char whats in a name

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

 Dolly Char whats in a name

I have often been asked Dolly Char where did you dream up your companies name from?  Well we sort of stumbled across half of the name due to a family tragedy a few years ago when my wife lost her dear father, but more about that later.

Originally we were going to name our company Cheerful Chars for two reasons. 

Reason one cheerful we hoped would give customers the impression of domestic cleaners happy in their work.

Reason two the word Char is a very old word for cleaning ladies.  In Victorian times cleaning ladies were usually referred to as char ladies.

Tragically as mentioned above my wife Carol lost her father around the time that we were thinking of a name to call our company.  Carols father was born Clarence Everett but from being a very young child of 4 years old he had always been known as Dolly.  He acquired this nickname by jumping onto an horse drawn milk float outside the house where he spent all his life, one of the local neighbours said doesn’t Clarence look like a little dolly sat up there! 

So when Dolly died I suggested to Carol the idea of naming our company partly in memory of her father, Carol thought this was a great idea but obviously she first wished to consult with her mother, brothers and sister.  They were all very happy for this to happen and so the name Dolly Char was born.

Many people comment not knowing the true story of how very clever it is having two very old cleaning names placed together Char (cleaning) and Dolly as in old fashioned dolly tub (dolly tubs were used years ago in the clothes washing process) 

I wanted a name that got away from using the word maid and one that would be easy to remember.  I think Dolly Char fits the bill as it is short and going by feedback that we receive memorable.  

Also in this age of the Internet I believe if someone comes across our company name whilst they are out and about that they will have a very good chance of remembering it when they arrive home and begin searching for it online.  

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Robin Harrison is the managing Director of Dolly Char (UK) Ltd. Dolly Char (UK) Ltd is one of the fastest growing domestic cleaning franchise companies in the UK today giving people the opportunity to work from the comfort of their own home.

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