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Junk Mail and associated rubbish

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Junk Mail and associated rubbish what is all that about I ask myself?  Want and where is the criteria that deems that a perfectly well designed and professionally produced leaflet  should become categorised as Junk Mail.  I have personally designed and delivered my own circulars/leaflets for almost ten years, and on occasions I have had people pushlincoln-leaflet-distribution my flyer back out of the door, even had people come out of their homes ranting, raving and sweaing at me and even on a couple of occasions had them chase after me. 

Some people have signs that read please NO JUNK MAIL, but when does mail become Junk Mail?  All my leaflets advertise my business and the service that we offer and have provided successfully for almost ten years and we certainly do not class ourselves as junk or a junk business!

I suppose a perfectly legitimate well designed piece of marketing material, leaflet, circular, pamphlet or the like could be categorised as Junk Mail if the recipient doesn’t have a need for the service that is on offer. 

The big dilemma that the leaflet distributors have is that they can not read the recipients mind to know who will and who will not respond to their leaflet.  Now if the distributors could read a recipients mind prior to delivering them a leaflet then that would really revolutionise their lives and businesses and cure the Junk Mail dilemma once and for all.

What are your views on Junk Mail? 

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