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Chimney sweeping cleaning reduction hint

Friday, April 17th, 2009

I am writing a series of small articles which are aimed at what I call cleaning reduction tips! Strictly speaking these tips are focused more on the minimising of the domestic cleaning requirements in your household, by explaining ways that you can reduce the spread of grime and germs throughout your property.

Chimney sweeping

This tip is or should be quite obvious, if you have a coal fire and instead of hiring a professional chimney sweep you decide to clean your chimney yourself make sure that you cover up your carpets and furniture with old sheets.

Also and more importantly secure a board up against your fire surround and make an hole in it just big enough for your chimney sweep rods to go through as this will drastically reduce the amount of soot that escapes into your room.

This advice if followed will most certainly save your carpets and furniture requiring some intensive cleaning.

New cleaning reduction tips are always more than welcome.

Previous household cleaning reduction tips

Please note that I am producing these cleaning reduction tips in good faith and has such will take no responsibility for any failure or damage that may be caused or attributed by the use of any of the cleaning reduction tips given.

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