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Leaflet Delivery as a form of marketing

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Trudging around delivering leaflets can be a joy, and likewise, can be a nightmare!  It’s great on a sunny day, in a nice area, and you can have a great few hours.  Especially if there’s a few of you, you can have a great time.  However on a day like today where the weather is at best ‘changeable’ and at worst ‘filthy’ there is little fun involved.

However, we wanted to gauge how effective our response from the leaflets was, so I devised a quick and easy way of measuring the response using an Excel spreadsheet.  From this we can see that our efforts in the last two weeks have provided us with an income per leaflet of 44p!

Now that might not sound an awful lot, but if someone said to you, here’s a hundred leaflets.  Deliver them and I’ll give you £1.85 per month, every month, you’d probably think it was a good deal.  Carry that forward to figures like 5000 leaflets, which can easily be achieved in a month, and it’s giving you an income of around £100 per month, every month.

Again, it’s not an exact science, and the figures will bob up and down, but it’s nice to know on a cold, rainy April Monday afternoon, that each leaflet is bringing in the bacon.

This post was kindly submitted by Richard & Megan from Dolly Char domestic cleaning Wakefield

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Domestic cleaning service Bradford

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

We once had a client who we had provided a domestic cleaning service for around about six months with absolutely no problems, until one day our domestic cleaners came back saying they couldn’t gain entry to the property. A man that our domestic cleaners had never seen before had slammed the door in their faces saying he had never had or wanted a cleaner.

Upon further investigation it appeared that the lady of the house had signed our domestic cleaning agency agreement and not informed her husband. She had led him to believe that she was keeping the house spotless herself. She was paying us the domestic cleaning agency from her own bank account and supposedly he never saw her statements.

If there’s anything I have learned from this experience it is that if at all possible when I go out on a client visit I try to make sure that couples are always together!

This post as kindly been provided by Susan Marshall Dolly Char Bradford

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Sexy domestic cleaning maids for your domestic cleaning requirements

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Sexy domestic cleaning maids for your domestic cleaning requirements

A rapidly growing service that is now being offered within the domestic cleaning marketplace is the hiring out of sexy cleaning maids to undertake your families’ household chores.

Has a client you have a choice of whether you would like your sexy domestic cleaning maid to dress up for you in sexy erotic skimpy clothing or if you wish they will even do your domestic cleaning for you in some cases whilst totally nude!

Sexy domestic cleaning maids are usually very attractive young ladies although some cleaning companies do also offer you the service of more mature middle-aged ladies.

They cater for clients who require a regular weekly domestic cleaning service for just a few hours on a set day of each week, although they will also usually cater for one off and spring-cleans.

It makes me wonder what type of person or family would wish to employ this type of domestic cleaning service but who ever they are there certainly must be a considerable quantity of them about as there appears to be more and more of these sexy cleaning maid domestic cleaning services starting up.

Maybe you are already using your local sexy cleaning maid domestic cleaning service or are thinking of doing so in the near future? I would be interested in finding out what made you choose the sexy maid service over the more conventional domestic cleaning service?

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