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Advantages of a Domestic Cleaning Agency Vs Company Vs Private Cleaner

Friday, February 27th, 2015

Many people get confused with the difference between a domestic cleaning company and a domestic cleaning agency.

An Agency will provide a local friendly cleaner which best suits your needs from a database of cleaners that have been ‘vetted’ by the agency. You also get the option to interview your potential domestic cleaner to make sure they are right for you.

An Agency would allocate a regular cleaner who would give you a regular slot in their diary at a mutually convenient time and tend to fit around you rather than the other way around.

We let you provide the materials so that you have the fragrances YOU prefer in your home, although your regular housekeeper can recommend products if you wish. Also we use your equipment so that you don’t have your kitchen floor scrubbed with the same mop after it has been used for somebody else’s loo! The same rule applies to vaccuum cleaners too - some houses have lots of pets, others have little children learning to crawl so we do not like transferring unwanted germs/mites and any other gruesome debris!

Please remember that even domestic cleaners are human and need time off for holidays and are even known to be sick now and then. An Agency usually has a mass of cleaners to fall back on should a replacement be required and will endeavor introduce a replacement asap.

Some people run the risk of employing local private cleaners who will charge around the same amount (if not more) than an Agency, but be careful, you won’t know who you are allowing in your home and they will almost never be insured. If they require time off then you end up cleaning your house!

If you need more advise, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at

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having a bad day

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Have you ever noticed how one job/chore always leads to another? or am I just really clumbersome.

I attempted to clean my kitchen earlier: Started with the washing-up, just a few breakfast pots and a banana skin. Pots nearly done, go to cupboard with waste bin, struggle with child lock see bin is full. Empty bin, bag splits, re-bag waste (last bag - remember to write on shopping list). wipe mess from split bag off floor. Finish pots drop glass, smashes. brush up take outside to bin. Vaccuum any last glass shards… Damn vac needs emptying now. Empty vac puffing dust all over. NO HOOVER BAGS!!! use Henry without a bag to hoover dust up.

Woof woof! Dog wants to go out, let out.

back in house wipe sides in kitchen and set out ornaments nicely, Clean cooker hobs knock over ornaments that had been arranged nicely a moment ago, put right again. Fill up mop bucket, phone rings, answer phone, come back, bucket overflowing. Tip out water, mop floor…. Done!

Grab a coffee, milks leaked in fridge. clean up make coffee.

Woof woof!! let dog in.

OMG why cant the dog wipe it’s paws…… Why bother!

Moral to the story is… Don’t Bother - leave it to somebody else!

(never did write bags on shopping list!!!)

She is allergic to dust

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

We saw an elderly prospective client a couple of weeks ago and as is my way with the elderly and vulnerable i spend as long as it takes for them to fully understand the way that we work and how our charges are paid.


After telling me that he already had a cleaner I asked what the problem was. “She is a young lady and she is allergic to dust” funny you may think, but then he insisted on showing me allergic-to-dust-pompeiiaround and when we got to the separate toilet I opened the door and he said “she doesn’t do toilets, maybe she had a bad experience in the past” I was stuck for words and thought well here goes I’ll lift the lid, guess what? The loo was spotless, not bad for a gentleman in his late ninety’s. Anyway back to the cleaner, she was charging him £10 per hour with no insurance; he rang us up the other day and asked us to find him a cleaner, which we have so the only person not happy is his previous cleaner.

The lesson here is to go to a reputable company with insurance and not just pick a number off a notice board, you don’t know who you might end up getting!

Post kindly provided by Susan and Alan Marshall Dolly Char Bradford

For domestic cleaning services maid services in Bradford & Halifax

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Dolly Char - Cleaning up in the 21st Century

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

In the UK, the domestic cleaning market has grown substantially over the last few years, and is thought to be worth around £2bn. Although it is hard to pinpoint the exact number of people of working within the industry, the industry itself is vibrant and is always looking for new cleaners. As a society, we are more house proud than ever. Increasingly, we spend a higher proportion of our household income on domestic services and the cleaning products market alone is worth over £500m.


Finding a cleaner is one of the major issues affecting the domestic cleaning industry. In the old days, a local cleaner may have serviced a number of houses on a ‘cash in hand’ basis. Increasingly this is not the case and many households also want a service that is professional and cost effective. Being cash rich and time poor has resulted in an increase in demand, but also an increase in the standards of service demanded.

Every household has their own individual requirements, but recruiting someone who can fit around those requirements is very hard.  This is one of the reasons behind the growth of domestic cleaning companies. Such companies offer clients the piece of mind that they need, by pre checking cleaners to ensure that they are suitable and trustworthy.


The Dolly Char cleaning franchise was launched in 2005 to service the growing demand for domestic services in the UK.  Dolly Char offers its clients a very professional regular domestic cleaning and ironing service.


Dolly Char (UK) Ltd is owned and run by a husband and wife team Robin and Carol Harrison. According to Robin, the business offers a great service to many people who don’t have the time or the inclination to clean their own homes. ‘Many people now have lifestyles that are becoming increasingly cash rich but time poor. In addition, more people are making the positive decision that they don’t wish to spend their precious weekend and evening leisure time carrying out basic domestic chores – they want to employ someone else to do that. The Dolly Char service provides cleaners on an agency basis which means that we help our clients recruit a suitable individual in line with their specific needs. If at some point in the future their domestic help leaves or the client is unhappy with any aspect of the work then we help to find a replacement. This takes away many of the problems associated with employing people’ says Robin.


With an increasing number of households looking for domestic services, the industry is growing at a rapid rate.  The key issues for many people are quality, reliability and cost. Dolly Char offers a competitive pricing strategy that means their services are affordable by a wider range of people than many other professional cleaning services. Dolly Char is looking for people who can manage a domestic cleaning business that is friendly, local and dedicated to high standards of service.



For further information call 01507 525159 or visit







Cleaning Franchise | Work From HomeHome Based Business | Franchise Business Opportunity | Management Franchise | Franchise Advice | Be Your Own Boss

Robin Harrison is the managing Director of Dolly Char (UK) Ltd. Dolly Char (UK) Ltd is one of the fastest growing domestic cleaning franchise companies in the UK today giving people the opportunity to work from the comfort of their own home.

domestic cleaning franchise blog, franchise business tips blog

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Domestic cleaning service Bradford

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

We once had a client who we had provided a domestic cleaning service for around about six months with absolutely no problems, until one day our domestic cleaners came back saying they couldn’t gain entry to the property. A man that our domestic cleaners had never seen before had slammed the door in their faces saying he had never had or wanted a cleaner.

Upon further investigation it appeared that the lady of the house had signed our domestic cleaning agency agreement and not informed her husband. She had led him to believe that she was keeping the house spotless herself. She was paying us the domestic cleaning agency from her own bank account and supposedly he never saw her statements.

If there’s anything I have learned from this experience it is that if at all possible when I go out on a client visit I try to make sure that couples are always together!

This post as kindly been provided by Susan Marshall Dolly Char Bradford

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Domestic cleaners were usually referred to as char ladies

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

There are many different names that domestic cleaners are known by today.

The oldest term that I am aware of is a char lady. The term char was used commonly back in Victorian times when domestic cleaners were usually referred to as char ladies. Does anyone know of any older term to describe a cleaner by? Or even where and when the term char originated?

Below are a few names that I know of that are commonly used to describe a domestic cleaner by, please feel free to mention any that I may of missed off my list.




Cleaning Lady



Domestic Cleaner

Dust and Clutter Control Operative

House keeper

House Maid


Odd job-Lady

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Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner

Mr Muscle is an excellent oven cleaner. 

When using Mr Muscle oven cleaner it is important to only use this product on cold ovens as it could leave you with a un wanted residue if used on warm ovens. 

The way you use Mr Muscle oven cleaner is to simply spray it onto the greasy burnt on areas of your oven and then leave it for around 30 to 120 minutes before wiping off thoroughly.

Mr Muscle oven cleaner can be purchased in 300ml aerosol cans as shown on your right.

For further information on the Mr Muscle Oven cleaner cleaning product please go to the Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner website

For information on other domestic cleaning products featured in this series of household cleaning product articles click on the required link below.

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