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Franchise evaluation forms

Sunday, March 15th, 2009
It is very important for a Franchisor to compile a record of the prospective Franchisee during the time that they are interviewing them. The Franchisor will need to be certain that the prospective Franchisee as all or at the very least most of the attributes that the Franchise business requires so as to enable them to become a success if they are offered the franchise.

This is just as important for the potential Franchisee to know, because if they are looking at potentially investing a substantial amount of their own capital into buying a franchise they will need to know themselves whether they would be suitable or not. The last thing that any prospective Franchisee needs is to be sold a business that they are totally unsuitable for!

An example of a franchise evaluation form is below. Please feel free to comment.

Prospective Franchisee Name ______________________

Interview Date ___________________________________

Proposed Territory _______________________________

Research Completed by prospective Franchisee prior to interview

Marketplace Y/N
Franchises Visited Y/N
Assessment of local competitors Y/N
Other franchises still being considered Y/N

Career Background & Experience

Appropriate to this business Y/N
Commercially experienced Y/N
Sales Skills Y/N
Interpersonal Skills Y/N


Appearance Good/Poor
Personality Good/Poor
Confidence High/Low
Support of family/involvement Y/N
Team player Y/N


Available capital to invest £………….

TOTAL MARK AWARDED _____________

Other Comments (see below) Y/N

Additional information relating to…………

Interviewer  ……………………………………

Date ……………………………………………


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Pilot business operation

Thursday, December 25th, 2008

Pilot business operation

For any business person that is looking into and seriously considering franchising his or her business model it is essential that they should operate at least one pilot business operation in a different part of the country to where their existing business is currently operating to ascertain that their business model will truly work successfully in different regions of the country.

The results that they gain through running their pilot business operation or business operations will help them to truly evaluate whether their business model is a truly franchisable proposition!

If you are a potential franchisee looking at buying a franchise business be careful to research if the company that you are interested in buying a franchise from ran a pilot business operation before they started franchising out their business system, not every company does, be warned!

Most franchise companies although have run a pilot scheme in their early days, and just for the record this is one business that most definetly did hmmmmm wink

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