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Producing method statements

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

The way to go about producing method statements in house developments are as follows. Firstly study the plan of the development and how you would go about doing the work, where you would start and in what sequence it would be most appropriate for each and every activity to be done.

Next look at the individual plan of the house type and study the structure and the way that you think would be the best way of doing the construction work to achieve the standards and quality that you would wish to achieve.

Finally consult the bill of quantities to ascertain the different types of styles and techniques that have been priced for within it i.e. :- traditional roof as apposed to a trussed roof.

When you have gathered all the relevant information that you require you can then set about producing your method statements in the appropriate sequence for constructing an individual dwelling, you will need to use the information that is on hand including quantities which you have found from within the bill of quantities and also your past experience within house building, time taken for individual tasks, size of gangs, plant required etc.

I would also recommend that you split the statements into seven sub sections to cover the various different stages of the construction, site establishment, sub-structure, superstructure, roof, internal, decoration and external works. Each individual sub section includes the relevant tasks to complete that section of the work.

The completed statements will be able to be used for the same house types throughout your development.


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