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Domestic Cleaning tip No81 gives you some advice when dusting furniture.

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

dollychardusterThis Domestic Cleaning Tip gives some straight forward very simple advice when dusting and polishing you furniture.


If you warm your duster before dusting and polishing your furniture you will find that this makes the job of polishing so much easier and also a better polished finish is achieved. 

New domestic cleaning tips are always more than welcome

Please note that I have produced these cleaning tips in good faith and has such will take no responsibility for any failure or damage that may be caused or attributed by the use of any of the tips given.

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having a bad day

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Have you ever noticed how one job/chore always leads to another? or am I just really clumbersome.

I attempted to clean my kitchen earlier: Started with the washing-up, just a few breakfast pots and a banana skin. Pots nearly done, go to cupboard with waste bin, struggle with child lock see bin is full. Empty bin, bag splits, re-bag waste (last bag - remember to write on shopping list). wipe mess from split bag off floor. Finish pots drop glass, smashes. brush up take outside to bin. Vaccuum any last glass shards… Damn vac needs emptying now. Empty vac puffing dust all over. NO HOOVER BAGS!!! use Henry without a bag to hoover dust up.

Woof woof! Dog wants to go out, let out.

back in house wipe sides in kitchen and set out ornaments nicely, Clean cooker hobs knock over ornaments that had been arranged nicely a moment ago, put right again. Fill up mop bucket, phone rings, answer phone, come back, bucket overflowing. Tip out water, mop floor…. Done!

Grab a coffee, milks leaked in fridge. clean up make coffee.

Woof woof!! let dog in.

OMG why cant the dog wipe it’s paws…… Why bother!

Moral to the story is… Don’t Bother - leave it to somebody else!

(never did write bags on shopping list!!!)

New years Resolutions ideas

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Lose Weight and Get Fit
Quit Smoking
Clean House
Learn Something New
Eat Healthier and Diet
Get Out of Debt and Save Money
Spend More Time with Family
Travel to New Places
Be Less Stressed
Drink Less

Spring Cleaning

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Have you ever wondered why we chuck the pets in the garden, open all windows and completely bottom the house?

Back in the old days of coal fires and straw matresses it was standard precedure for the housewives to clean the house from top to bottom. The idea was to wait for the winter chill to dissappear and completely freshen the house up. The housewife would clean out the fireplaces and the soot in the house created by the fires, this included the floors. walls, ceilings and furniture in all rooms.

There was often a smell which built up over the winter period due to not being able to air sheets and blankets. Spring was a chance to be able to hang out the laundry after washing and feeding through a mangle. The matresses were normally emptied, washes and refilled with fresh hay.

Jews believed that bread was a forbidden food during ‘passover’ So spring was a chance to remove every last breadcrumb from the house before passover which is in April.

Persians believed in completely bottoming the house in which they called ‘khooneh takouni’. In English ’shaking the house’. A similar tradition is the Scottish “New Year’s cleaning” on Hogmanay.

An ode to Cleaning

Thursday, January 27th, 2011


It’s Friday morning,
Two minutes to nine,
A knock at the door,dollycharduster
She’s always on time.
Her hair tied up,
All dressed in rags.
A wart on her chin,
And stinking of fags.
She walks in, hanging,
Her coat and shawl.
Casting her eyes,
From wall to wall.
At 9 A.M.,
She makes a start.
Armed with Marigolds,
She cleans to an art.
Up the stairs she climbs,
And straightens the pictures.
Runs her duster over,
The furniture and fixtures.
‘Round the hall she races,
Like a witch on a broom.
Into each bedroom,
with a whizz and a zoooom!!
Next up - the bath,
Then onto the shower.
Every last smear,
Her cloth can devour.
Then is the toilet,
She pours in the bleach.
Makes sure she removes,
Any evidence she can reach.
Scrubbing the floor,
With arse in the air.
She washes and buffs,
with great pride and care.
Bathroom now spotless,
Then down to the lounge.
Cat next to the fire,
And Dog on the scrounge.
From out of her pocket,
The dog gets a treat.
On with the vacuum,
Under ‘His’ feet.
Dining room next,
To the table she comes.
Wiping away any,
Stubborn Stains and crumbs.
Onto the kitchen,
She lets out a grin.
She pulls up her gloves,
As she homes in.
A sink full of pots,
Not a problem to her.
She washes and dries them,
To the eye it’s a blur.
Under the kettle,
And then the toaster,
Cloth sweeping ‘round,
Like a roller coaster.
All rooms are clean,
She’s done her duty.
Saved me my time,
What a beauty!
She takes her wage,
A ten pound note.
Five pound coins,
And picks up her coat.
Outside she heads,
Lighting one of her fags.
First cleaner now friend,
We call her Aunt Mag’s.

Area Manager Dolly Char Domestic Cleaning Lincoln

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