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An ode to Cleaning

Thursday, January 27th, 2011


It’s Friday morning,
Two minutes to nine,
A knock at the door,dollycharduster
She’s always on time.
Her hair tied up,
All dressed in rags.
A wart on her chin,
And stinking of fags.
She walks in, hanging,
Her coat and shawl.
Casting her eyes,
From wall to wall.
At 9 A.M.,
She makes a start.
Armed with Marigolds,
She cleans to an art.
Up the stairs she climbs,
And straightens the pictures.
Runs her duster over,
The furniture and fixtures.
‘Round the hall she races,
Like a witch on a broom.
Into each bedroom,
with a whizz and a zoooom!!
Next up - the bath,
Then onto the shower.
Every last smear,
Her cloth can devour.
Then is the toilet,
She pours in the bleach.
Makes sure she removes,
Any evidence she can reach.
Scrubbing the floor,
With arse in the air.
She washes and buffs,
with great pride and care.
Bathroom now spotless,
Then down to the lounge.
Cat next to the fire,
And Dog on the scrounge.
From out of her pocket,
The dog gets a treat.
On with the vacuum,
Under ‘His’ feet.
Dining room next,
To the table she comes.
Wiping away any,
Stubborn Stains and crumbs.
Onto the kitchen,
She lets out a grin.
She pulls up her gloves,
As she homes in.
A sink full of pots,
Not a problem to her.
She washes and dries them,
To the eye it’s a blur.
Under the kettle,
And then the toaster,
Cloth sweeping ‘round,
Like a roller coaster.
All rooms are clean,
She’s done her duty.
Saved me my time,
What a beauty!
She takes her wage,
A ten pound note.
Five pound coins,
And picks up her coat.
Outside she heads,
Lighting one of her fags.
First cleaner now friend,
We call her Aunt Mag’s.

Area Manager Dolly Char Domestic Cleaning Lincoln

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