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Starting your own domestic cleaning business

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

Starting your own domestic cleaning business requires a lot of research and plenty of courage.

I firstly began by researching my local area looking through newspapers and phone books to determine what competition there was around, and what they charged for their services, if they were a company or an agency? In general an agency can operate with less overheads than a company so potentially they can operate more economically and Starting a domestic cleaning businessoffer a first class service at a cost effective price for their clientele.  Also I had to determine if I were to enter into that market place then how and where would I start? What would I charge? Where would I find clients? What about cleaners?  Whichever way I turned I seemed to be putting a barrier in the way of myself with further questions and concerns.  A problem I have always had is that I am not really a gambling type of person, I had always been used to going out doing a days/weeks work and then getting paid for it, I had to change my attitude and for once take what I thought at the time was a massive gamble, in hindsight I don’t believe that it was a gamble and I still feel that I’m not the gambling type.

I decided in the end to set myself a start date and to channel my energies towards achieving that goal. I set about creating some advertising material ready for the day that I had chosen; also I decided upon a small local market town to use as a guinea pig to learn my new trade in. I got myself insured had some contract books printed and when the day finally arrived I began walking the streets spreading the word from house to house and has they say the rest is history, I have never looked back its proved to be the best decision that I ever made for myself and my family.

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Robin Harrison is the managing Director of Dolly Char (UK) Ltd. Dolly Char (UK) Ltd is one of the fastest growing domestic cleaning franchise companies in the UK today giving people the opportunity to work from the comfort of their own home.

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