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Cobwebber household cleaning tool

Cobwebber household cleaning tool

A very useful household cleaning tool is the cobwebber also known in some quarters as a tickling stick.  The comedian Ken Dodd is famous for using a cobwebber or tickling stick on stage as part of his very funny comedy routines! 

Like the name suggests cobwebbers are used mainly for ridding cobwebs from the walls and ceilings of your household.   The cobwebber is just a fluffy stick that enables you to reach those awkward spots alot easier.   Some people tend to improvise by using the wand from their vacuum cleaner to get rid of cobwebs while other people just use a small stick with a cloth or a sock hung over the end.

Always remember to clean your cobwebber outside after using it because if you do not keep it nice and clean you will end up making more mess as dirt starts to fall off it! 

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  1. Rob Metras Says:

    Always interesting discovering these gems of household wisdom. Now the hard part is getting of the couch to use them ):-

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