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Cleaning nicotine stains home cleaning tip No39

Cleaning nicotine stains home cleaning tip No39

I am publishing this list of household cleaning tips to help you save your time and effort when cleaning your home by giving you cleaning tips and advice on many of the every day chores that you do when cleaning your home.  

I am posting a new home cleaning tips every third day so if you do not want to risk missing out on a tip then please save to your favorites or alternatively use the subscribe option below and you will receive notification every time that I publish a new cleaning tip.

Cleaning tip No39 gives advice on removing nicotine stains

If your walls have months and even years of buildup on them caused by nicotine stains you can simply wash them down using a mixture of water and trisodium phosphate.

New cleaning tips are always more than welcome.

Please note that I have produced these cleaning tips in good faith and has such will take no responsibility for any failure or damage that may be caused or attributed by the use of any of the tips given.

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  1. mary q contrarie Says:

    My husband is teacher and always comes home with dry erase marker stain clothing I have found a couple ways to treat it but I am always looking for other options.

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