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Fairy liquid washing up liquid

Fairy liquid washing up liquid

I have decided to run a series of blogs which will describe a few of the many domestic cleaning products that can be found in the United Kingdom today.  The first cleaning product to come under the spot light is possibly the most well known and equally most used which is Fairy liquid.

Fairy liquid is mostly used for washing up your pots, pans, plates. dishes and cutlery after having eaten your meal. 

To use fairy liquid just squeeze a very small quantity of Fairy liquid into your washing up bowl and then pour in your hot water.  You will find that the smallest quantity is all that is required for each dish washing session as unlike some of the cheaper options a small amount of Fairy liquid goes an awful long way.  Fairy liquid also makes cleaning your dirty items so much easier and leaves them glistening clean and smelly wonderfully fresh.

Fairy liquid comes available in two different sizes which are 500ml bottles and 1L bottles.

Also there is a choice of four different fragrances to choose from which are Strawberry Flame, Lemon Twister, Apple Quake, Passion Flower Storm.

The Fairy Liquid website can be found at Fairy scent sensations

Do you use Fairy liquid? or do you prefer to use a different washing up liquid?


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5 Responses to “Fairy liquid washing up liquid”

  1. susan marshall Says:

    yes i use fairy liquid always have done and it is true it is softer on the hands

  2. dollychar Says:

    Hi Susan,

    I forgot to mention about its soft hand properties.


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