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Urine spillages cleaning tip No14

Urine spillages cleaning tip No14

I have produced this list of domestic cleaning tips to help and assist members of the public in their constant and ongoing battle to keep their homes domestically cleaned! I am publishing the tips over the forthcoming days and weeks in a very easy to digest simple one at a time manner.


Cleaning tip No14 gives advice on cleaning urine spillages.


Act quickly using washing up liquid mixed with water


New cleaning tips are always more than welcome.


Please note that I have produced these cleaning tips in good faith and has such will take no responsibility for any failure or damage that may be caused or attributed by the use of any of the tips given.

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Robin Harrison is the managing Director of Dolly Char (UK) Ltd. Dolly Char (UK) Ltd is one of the fastest growing domestic cleaning franchise companies in the UK today giving people the opportunity to work from the comfort of their own home.

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12 Responses to “Urine spillages cleaning tip No14”

  1. Miz Helena Says:

    always a problem when you live with a man :)

  2. Robin Harrison Says:

    Depends how well you train the man ;-)

  3. Sarah Arrow Says:

    You would need to well train some of them! fortunately my current one is perfect!
    When are we going to get some tips on removing crayons from paintwork???

  4. Robin Harrison Says:


    Well done on finding a well trained one!

    How did you get your photo on here? I can not work out how to get mine uploaded!

    Removing crayon marks from painted walls

    It is recommended that you use an high alkaline all purpose cleaner preferably one that contains ammonium hydroxide. Using an all purpose-soaked cloth just carefully rub away the marks. Finally just rinse and dry.

    Just looked this one up for you but I have no experience of using it!

  5. Sarah Arrow Says:

    Hi Robin
    If you have completed your wordpress profile, your pic should come up!
    Don’t ask me where to find it though, it may be in the user/settings area.
    I’ll let you know how the tips works :-)

  6. dollychar Says:

    It doesn’t give me the option on this wordpress account but I am commenting hopefully using one of my other accounts!

    Let me know if that tip works ;-)

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  9. Jenna Says:

    Getting my kids a dog for Christmas. Love the tip, but here in the US, I’m not sure what “washing up liquid” might be. Dishwashing liquid, liquid hand soap, ? Help! :)

  10. dollychar Says:


    Washing up liquid is the term we use in the UK for dish washing liquid. One of our most popular brands is fairy washing up liquid.


  11. Jenna Says:

    I like that, clean up puppy accidents with fairy liquid. Thanks! :)

  12. dollychar Says:


    You will have to let me know how you get on with it if you try it out. ;-)


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